Client FAQ

1. How will this change directly impact me?


You will require to seek the help of another Solicitor or law firm to complete your case. Please have your new representative contact Jones Whyte LLP by email to and they will arrange for your file to be passed over to your new representative.

2. Why did the company go into administration

The pandemic conditions had a significant impact on the operating model, which has resulted in the firm entering administration in April 2021.

3. Is my Trust Fund/Money/Will/Purchase/Sale safe

Your client funds are currently held in a client account governed by McClure’s solicitors and unaffected by the administration. Both your case and your funds are perfectly secure. Regulatory requirements ensure that client monies are kept in entirely separate bank accounts to the firm operating accounts and so there is no risk to you as a client in any way. 

4. What happens to my funds?

Currently your funds are held in a client account of McClures solicitors. It is anticipated that these are transferred to the client account of Jones Whyte. In order to do this you will be required to sign a mandate consenting to this transfer and you will be contacted in respect of this in due course.

5. What do I have to do in practical terms


Please contact another firm of Solicitors and ask them to get in touch with Jones Whyte LLP. They will arrange for your file to be passed over together with any funds or property currently held securely.