McClure Solicitors Administration– Clients Next Steps With Jones Whyte

Following the administration and subsequent closure of McClure Solicitors, Jones Whyte have been passed the back catalogue of Wills, POAs, and Trusts that were previously held by McClure. The team at Jones Whyte have been working tirelessly over the past six months to clear the significant volume of work that was left incomplete by McClure. Jones Whyte would like to take this opportunity 6 months post-acquisition to reassure any existing McClure clients that unless you have had a recent change in circumstances you do not need to take any immediate action in relation to the will, PoA or Trust you had with McClure Solicitors.

In the immediate days and weeks following McClure Solicitors entering administration, due to the sheer volume of active casework backlogged at McClure when it entered administration, Jones Whyte advised a minority of clients who had immediate legal needs on active cases, that the fastest way to complete their work was to instruct another law firm to assist them. We are pleased to announce that 6 months post acquisition, this backlog has now been cleared. As such former McClure clients can be assured that if they had a Will, PoA or Trust with McClure, they do not need to instruct another law firm, and Jones Whyte should be the first point of contact for any enquiries. We are aware of some confusing advice from external firms suggesting any ex-McClure clients must instruct another law firm to manage their case or to request that Jones Whyte transfer their case to another law firm, however this is simply incorrect and not the case. 

If you are an ex-McClure client and have any concerns, questions or actions you would like to take on your Will, PoA or Trust, you should contact Jones Whyte in the first instance. Please be assured that your file and any assets that were held in Trust have been securely transferred under the custodianship of Jones Whyte - you should call or email us for further information on how best to proceed. You do not need to instruct a solicitor or seek the advice of a new solicitor to ensure the safeguarding and management of your existing McClure product.

If you have any queries and the following FAQ does not answer them please contact Jones Whyte on 0141 375 1222.
I was a McClure client are the funds in my family protection trust safe?

As the funds were held in a separate account and unaffected by the firm’s administration status, these funds are perfectly secure with Jones Whyte. There are strict regulations in place to safeguard client’s funds and there is no risk to any funds previously held by McClure Solicitors. These are now in the Client Account of Jones Whyte for safekeeping.

I was a McClure client is mine/family members will safe?

Jones Whyte took over the storage centres previously managed by McClure Solicitors. If you had a will in storage with McClure it will remain in secure storage under the safekeeping of Jones Whyte. 

I was a McClure Solicitor client what are my next steps?

Unless you had an ongoing/outstanding case with McClure Solicitors you do not need to do anything, your documents have been transferred over and are now under the management and safekeeping of Jones Whyte. 

I Was a McClure Solicitors Client But I’m Not Based in Scotland?

If you had a trust that was previously managed by McClure Solicitors and you have reservations regarding Jones Whyte head office being based in Scotland. Please rest assured that this will not present any issues in the ongoing storage or future management of your trust. Jones Whyte are authorised and regulated by both the Solicitors Regulatory Authority in England and Wales and the Law Society of Scotland in Scotland. Our solicitors are based all over the UK and qualified in the law of England and Wales, and the law of Scotland, so we are able to service client needs all over the UK, with the exception of Northern Ireland. 

Our experienced estate planning consultants can work with you to carry out a full annual review of your Trust that was created by McClure. We recommend you arrange this to ensure the information contained within your Trust is as up to date as possible and offers you or your family maximum protection. 

If you do have a change in circumstance or you need to update the information contained within your or your family members will. Please contact Jones Whyte on 0141 375 1222 and we will direct you to the relevant estate planning consultant.