Client FAQ

1. How will this change directly impact me?

Your case will continue to be handled in the same manner it was previously albeit under the name of Jones Whyte.  Your Trust/Will/Executry/PoA/Sale/Purchase will continue to progress as it normally would have with McClures, though we simply need a digital mandate e-signed by you to authorise Jones Whyte to act. You will notice that we will contact you from an email address. 

2. Why did the company go into administration

The pandemic conditions had a significant impact on the operating model, which has resulted in the firm entering administration in April 2021 

3. Is my Trust Fund/Money/Will/Purchase/Sale safe

Your client funds are currently held in a client account governed by McClure’s solicitors and unaffected by the administration. Both your case and your funds are perfectly secure. Regulatory requirements ensure that client monies are kept in entirely separate bank accounts to the firm operating accounts and so there is no risk to you as a client in any way. 

4. What happens to my funds?

Currently your funds are held in a client account of McClures solicitors. It is anticipated that these are transferred to the client account of Jones Whyte. In order to do this you will be required to sign a mandate consenting to this transfer and you will be contacted in respect of this in due course.

5. Will the level of service change?

The levels of service which we have always provided you with will remain the same. 

6. What other assurances can you give me?

We can assure you that in most cases nothing should change for you.  Your existing relationship with the staff handling your case will remain the same and we will continue to provide you with the highest levels of legal advice as we have always done.  We are now part of a larger and successful organisation who have built a strong reputation on customer excellence. 

7. What do I have to do in practical terms

In practical terms due to regulatory requirements, all we require you to do is sign a Mandate which will be sent to you, enabling the firm of Jones Whyte to continue to act for you in the manner which we previously have.

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