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McClure Estate Agency is part of McClure Solicitors who have been helping clients buy and sell their homes for over 150 years. We provide a full Estate Agency service no matter where you are in the UK. Very few solicitors can offer this. Why is this an advantage to you? Well it means that if you are buying and selling in any part of the country we can handle it all. Customer service is at the forefront of our business and we take a pride in our professional, efficient and friendly manner.

Our Estate Agency staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in property sales and are on hand to guide both the seller and the purchaser through the process from start to finish. We work in close conjunction with McClure's Conveyancing, Trust and Executry Department and provide a comprehensive service for all our clients.

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"This was a pretty complicated sale but McClure's was the consistent force that help hold it all together and see it through to a successful sale.

Not only did I find McClure's very professional, helpful, friendly and realistic (when it came to property value and selling timescales), but believe it or not, they were among the most competitive when it came to fees.

After selling my property through McClure I would positively advise anyone looking for an agent, in the area, to go with McClure."

Mrs H

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