Care Costs for Couples

You probably already know that care home fees are a big concern for many people. 


Did you know that if you go into care the Local Authority can take almost all you have worked hard for. Only the last £16,000 or so is protected. And that includes the house.


And there is a trap for couples. Even if you are not married. 


What usually happens is that one of you dies and everything goes to the survivor. 


When the survivor dies everything goes to the children (or other beneficiaries).


But if the survivor goes into care (which is common) he or she will own the whole lot (the house and the money) and it is all vulnerable for care costs. 


That’s what happens if you have an ordinary Will or no Will at all.


The good news is that McClure can fix that.


We can protect at least half of the estate (both house and money) by simply changing your Wills. 


We can even prepare a special Will if you don’t have one. There are 2 options available. 


The only time this will not work is if both of you go into care but that is most unusual.


McClure is an award winning company.  We were founded in 1853.  We have 14 offices across the UK.  We are partnered with over 170 charities. So we think you can trust us. 


So why not arrange a chat with one of our estate planning consultants. 


Our advice is free and home visits are available.


Make an Appointment

  • All you have to do is call 0800 852 1999 and quote "Google - Care Costs for Couples" or email us and we will take it from there.

Free home visits are available during office hours.

Are you confused about care costs?  Many people are. And it’s no wonder. 

A lot of advice is confusing and contradictory and – often – it’s just plain wrong.

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"I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you, on behalf of Trevor's family, for your professional and friendly assistance in the handling of his estate. Your guidance was particularly appreciated for me, a novice in these matters


Should I be asked, would not hesitate to recommend McClure Solicitors"

Miss R

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