McClure Solicitors have been providing well informed advice since the firm was founded in 1853. Today we specialise in asset protection, estate planning and inheritance planning, helping clients across the UK to protect their assets and pass them on efficiently. We began many years ago as a small firm in the West of Scotland but have grown to be a national company with offices throughout the UK. All of our Directors are dual qualified in both English and Scots Law.

New clients are flocking to us on a regular basis to take advantage of our fairly unique services.
Indeed over 500 new clients join us each month.


Who else provides a free Will service all year round for a donation to charity? Or a free Will Review service?
Or a Special Price Power of Attorney Service? Who else provides over 500 Wills per month?
Our vast experience means that we are ideally placed to provide the service which you require.


We continually strive to ensure that our service matches each client's expectations. We have been serving our community since 1853 so we take a long-term view. Our aim is to have every client who joins us to continue to use us in the future and most of them do.

Andrew J Robertson

Stewart J Moore


Latest News

6 Apr 2020

A very good article by Dr Katie Sanderson who works in a busy London hospital. She talks about preparing for the worst, especially with COVID19 taking so many lives. Read the full article here.

McClure Solicitors help clients make important decisions at the end of...

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