McClure Solicitors can raise lots of money for your charity.

But why listen to us? Here’s Bel Fry of Age Concern Central Lancashire

I first came across McClure solicitors through an advert on the Charity Retail Association’s website.

It transpired they helped to raise funds through their Free Will for Charity scheme and I knew it was an area where we received lots of enquiries. I knew another local Age Concern charity in Liverpool was working with a solicitor – and it turned out to be McClure. I recall they had raised something like £150,000 in donations in 2016 and millions in pledged legacies. I now know, because I receive monthly reports, that they are on target to raise £30 million in donations, gift aid and pledged legacies in 2017. And a slice of that will hopefully come to us!

I asked if we could join their Free Will for Charity Scheme. The process couldn't have been easier. It started with a conference call when they told me how it works, and this was followed up with an email from Liz McDonald who is the Charity Relations Manager at McClure. The best bit, which I hadn't realised initially, is that there is no outlay required by our Charity! All the marketing material and advice is free, the Wills are free – all they ask is that a client considers a donation to Age Concern Central Lancashire.  And we have received a few thousand pounds already in donations and gift aid.

We now have a good working relationship with McClure. We run weekly Will clinics for our supporters, service users, staff and volunteers – and they are booked up months in advance. McClure sponsored and gave a presentation at our Spring Conference and they have helped with the cost of promoting the services in the local media. And they have a charity team headed up by Liz who are all so nice and helpful.

I will admit at first I thought it was too good to be true – but time has proved it is a great service. Oh, and I should mention we get very positive feedback from people using the service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending McClure Solicitors.

Bel Fry, Retail Manager
Age Concern Central Lancashire

Age Concern Central Lancashire is just one of our many valued charity partners. Since the quote was written above the relationship has gone from strength to strength. Another 3 shops have opened and in each one of them Bel has built a consultation room for McClure to host their weekly Will Clinics – how good is that! We are currently in partnership with over 170 charities throughout Great Britain, every one of which will vouch for our service.


McClure have a proven track record of raising considerable funds for charity. We are experts in Estate Planning and lead by offering three core services: Free Wills, Free Will Reviews and Special Price Powers of Attorney. It is our three-service approach which makes McClure unique and produces substantial fundraising for our charity partners.


Our Business Model is unique in that we put the Will at the front of our business and not an add-on at the end. We promote Free Wills for a donation, of which the average is £81.23, for a charity of the client’s choice. This generates around 800 new clients per month. Of these clients, approximately 45% also use our Power of Attorney Service and approximately 15% take a Trust, which is our big ticket service.


Around 37% of our Free Will clients leave a legacy for charity as opposed to the industry standard of around 7%. Our average pledged legacy is £23,939. Moreover, every time a client from a charity partner sets up one of our Trusts the company will make a voluntary donation of either £100 or £500 to that charity. This additional income can be substantial.


As a result of this success, we have recently been awarded High Street Firm of the Year at the Law Awards of Scotland 2017 and Highly Commended for Excellence in Business Development at the
The Law Society Excellence Awards 2018:

We support our charity partners who have retail shops to promote the Free Will, Free Will Review and Half Price Powers of Attorney Service. We do this by providing marketing materials, i.e. window posters and in-shop leaflet dispensers, and staff training. We are Corporate Members of the Charity Retail Association so we work closely with our charity partners’ shops, their managers and their staff

We have found that when given a choice of a donation, more clients choose to participate in the Free Will Service and they tend to give more. As a result, we are able to raise more donations and our charity partners receive these funds monthly. In 2018, through donations, Gift Aid and pledged legacies, our total fundraising was over £47 million. And we are pleased to announce, now we have finalised our latest data, that in 2019 we raised £215,009 in cash donations and Gift Aid, £110,580 through our Power of Attorney Service and £63,580,772 in pledged legacies, bringing the overall grand total to an amazing £63 million!! We look forward to increasing our fundraising again in 2020.

Below are some of Charity Partners who we work with:

McClure Charity Partners

Bel Fry’s sentiments are shared by our other charity partners too. Here are a few words from Jane Hibbert of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Dil Daly of Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton

McClure’s approach to charity fundraising is, to my knowledge, unique and demonstrates how with a little innovation the commercial sector can generate business whilst providing a valuable public service and helping the third sector.

Dil Daly, Chief Executive
Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton

Donations and legacies have been a valuable source of income. A lot depends on the demographic – younger people usually make a donation (average £50) plus Gift Aid and the older generation may leave a legacy.

Jane Hibbert, Head of Private Fundraising
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Why Use McClure? As the Head of Fundraising from one of our partner charities said: “Why would you not use McClure? You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.


Now it’s time to take action…


Please call Hayley Bayfield, Charity Relations Manager on 0141 285 0316
or email


Or alternatively call Freephone 0800 852 1999 to speak to a member of the McClure Charity Team