Free Will Updates

Why do you need a Will?

You already know that every adult should have a Will as you have one – Well Done!

What can I update for Free?

You have decided to update your Will – this could be for many reasons:

  • You want to update the Executor

  • You want to change the address of someone named on your Will

  • You want to change the Beneficiaries, or the amounts they get when you die

  • You want to remove parts that are no longer relevant such as Guardianship for your children as they are now adults

  • You want to add a Gift in Your Will for a charity you support. You have come to the right place then as last year we raised £63 million for charity with our clients.

There are lots of possible reasons, but the good news is we will update your Will for Free – all we ask is just consider making a donation for a Charity of your choice. Last year we gave over £300,000 in cash donations to charity from our clients who instructed a new Will.


Why should you update it now?

No-one knows what is around the corner. If you leave the update until you need it, it will be too late. So let's get it done now.

Why should you use McClure?

  • We prepare thousands of Wills each year.

  • A standard Will only states who is to benefit when you die. Our Estate Planning Wills ensure that your estate finishes up where you want it - Quite a difference.

  • Over 200 charities recommend us.

  • At present we will prepare your updated Will free of charge. Just consider making a donation for a Charity of your choice. So now you can support the Charity and get a good deal.

  • McClure is a Multi Award Winning Solicitor Firm.

  • We were the No.1 Solicitor and top fundraiser for the 2018 & 2019 Will Aid campaigns.

What can McClure do for you?

  • We make your updated Will free of charge.

  • You don't pay.

  • You consider a donation for Charity.

  • All of your donation goes to your chosen Charity.

  • Simple as that.

Why do we do it?

  • Everyone benefits.

  • You get the updated Will you need.

  • We raise funds for Charity.

  • Over 50% of clients go on to use us for other services.

Make an Appointment

If you are interested in our Free Will Updates Service please read our important information related to how we are conducting our appointments during the COVID19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. 

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“We have had several solicitors when we were in business and we can honestly say that McClure were the best. They were honest and very professional, more important they were very considerate and sensitive to our needs and wishes giving us good advice."

A. Levy

April 2019

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