that you can save 10% on your probate costs?

Yes it’s true you can save 10% on your probate costs.  When someone dies, it’s usual to use a solicitor to administer the estate.  This can be expensive and take a long time.  Well not with McClure’s Express Probate Service.  We aim to complete the probate as quickly as possible.  That is what clients want.  And our charges are independently assessed.  So you know the costs are fair.  Even better, a McClure Prepaid Probate Plan gives you many advantages.


Firstly you pay at today’s rate and avoid all future increases in cost.  Secondly, the price you pay (unlike some others) is assessed accurately.  Thirdly you get the benefit of the McClure Express Probate Service, so you know who will do the work.  Other plans don’t give you that control.


You also get a 10% discount even on today’s price.  Your payment is protected in a secure account until it is needed.


Best of all – you can change your mind at any time before you die and get every penny back.


So with a McClure Probate Plan you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.


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