that If you invest in certain companies you can get truly tax free returns?

Yes it’s true.  If you invest in certain companies you can get truly tax free returns.  You get a triple benefit.  This is a uniquely tax protected benefit. 


This is how it works.


ISAs are exempt from both income tax and capital gains tax but not from Inheritance Tax.  But now you can also have your ISAs exempt from inheritance tax. 


Shares in companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market are already exempt from IHT if they meet certain criteria.  But now your shares can also be held in an ISA.  This way you get all 3 benefits – income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.  How good is that!


You need to have held the shares for 2 years and still hold them when you die.  If you are a married couple or civil partners, with the right Wills, only one of you needs to survive the 2 year period to get the benefit. 


And it’s not just the Alternative Investment Market shares which qualify.  There are many companies who provide such business relief schemes.  Of course these are not for everyone but they are certainly worth checking out.


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