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A Will is such an important document. It ensures that when you die, your estate such as your home/property, savings, investments and belongings go to who you want them to go to.

Your Will lets you give clear instructions on what should happen to your possessions after your death and helps to avoid family disputes. Your Will can be used to provide for your family, loved ones, friends or even to a cause/charity.

Writing a Will gives many people peace of mind, knowing that they have chosen trusted friends or family as their executors, responsible for handling the paperwork and making sure their wishes are carried out.

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Creating your online Will is so easy and can be done following just a few simple steps.


We have carefully selected two providers who offer an Online Will service. Below is a table detailing what they offer, so you can find the Will that is right for you.

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Frequently asked Questions people want to know answers for when Making their Will

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  • Part 5: What Is An Executor And How Do I Appoint One?

  • Part 6: Can I Update Or Amend My Will At A Later Date?

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