Our People

Hayley Bayfield


Appointment Setting Manager

I started with McClures just over 5 years ago as a receptionist in our Edinburgh office. This was a completely different job than I had done before but it was a fun and friendly environment to learn new and develop my skills in.

I was asked to become manager of our Appointment Setting Team in our Glasgow office and have been doing that for the last 3.5 years. The step from my reception role to working in Glasgow along with managing and developing a team was a whole new ball game but I have constantly had support from colleagues and management which had been fantastic. I have thoroughly enjoyed working and developing this team which has expanded as the business has grown.

Let be honest, there will always been some days which are harder than others (who doesn’t have them) but I have never had one day where something good hasn’t happened – whether that be a friendly chat with a client or succeeding & completing a task I am working towards or even a brief catch up with a colleague by the printer! 

McClure’s is such a positive workplace. When you have the drive to do well, you do well in your role. In turn the company does well too. This is very rewarding job and I am excited to see where things go!

Bryan Ward


Trust Administrator

I joined McClures as a Clerk at the start of 2019 and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I settled in. The work was interesting and varied, and I learned a lot about the different parts of the business. In September I moved to the Trust team in an administrative role.


While excited at the prospect of a new challenge, I was genuinely a little sad to be leaving my fellow Clerks, however the prospect of career progression was a significant factor in my decision to join McClures.


There is always so much going, in both my present role and my previous role, that it is great to have so many approachable and helpful people who are always eager to provide support whenever it is needed.


Joining McClures is definitely the best decision I could have made: a great place to work, because of the great people working here.

Rebecca Devine


Trainee Solicitor

I am currently 9 months into my traineeship with McClure Solicitors. I have worked with McClure’s from June 2017.  I started in McClure’s 2 months after completing my Diploma in 2017. My aim with McClure’s was to gain invaluable experience to help assist with my search for a traineeship. Fortunately, a traineeship became available within McClure’s in December 2018 which I applied for. I was successful in my application and was overjoyed that I would be able to continue my career with McClure’s.

As I was already with McClure’s, I was able to avoid the first day nerves which we all get when starting a new job. However, I must say that I was nervous to see how my role within the firm would change once the traineeship begun. I was pleased to discover that I would remain in the same area for my first seat of my traineeship.


First Seat

My first seat has been within the executry department. Fortunately, as I was already within the department I was aware of the role and what was required. The main change I began to notice during my first seat was the leave of responsibly which I was given within the department. Being within the executry team has allowed me to gain invaluable experience in Confirmation and Probate applications alongside Inheritance Tax returns. I have also gained many skills which you cannot learn during the LLB or Diploma. I have greatly developed my telephone etiquette and I am now very confident when dealing with clients during calls or face to face. This has allowed me to build rapport with my clients which are very important in helping them to deal with such a difficult time in their lives. I must admit that I do have stressful days and I am always busy. Every day in executry is different and I have loved every minute of it.

Next Steps

I am due to move to the second seat of my traineeship at the start of 2020. I am moving to our Point of Need team. The Point of Need team do have a slight cross over with Executry which means that I already have a good understanding of what they do and what will be involved within my second seat. However, there is so much more that I will learn within the Point of Need team such as dealing with clients within care and administering our Trusts. I am still nervous to move to a different team, to the unknown. I am also very excited for the move to the next stage of my career as even though I am sure it will be challenge, I feel that I am ready for what is thrown at me next.

Advise for future trainees

Being a trainee isn’t a 9 to 5 job. Be willing to work hard and it will pay off in the future.

You will have bad days and you will be busy. Take this in your stride and remember that this is the stepping stone between you and the career which you have working for 5 years for!

Steven Bain


Trainee Solicitor

1st Year Trainee at McClure’s

-     What’s it like being an older trainee in a firm?

The thought of being a “mature” trainee can be pretty daunting. In your head you expect to feel ancient surrounded by 21 yr old trainees, but the reality is totally different.

McClure has such a broad range of people in its staff from a huge range of backgrounds, specialties, and yes...ages.

Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, and as is often the case, the idea of being the mature trainee is much more intimidating than the reality.

-      What are your working hours at McClure?

This can vary, but in general I get to work around 8.30. This gives me time to get my emails up, and pour myself a coffee before I get started.

Finishing time is 5pm, but sometimes I will see myself staying a little later to catch up, or finish something I’m half way through. Or there may be times I have CPD events to go to in the evening.

-      What does your current role involve?

My current seat is in the Executry department. This essentially involves looking after someone’s affairs once they have passed away. So making sure someone’s last wishes are adhered to, as well as dealing with debts of the estate, and carrying out work on behalf of the executor. This might take the form of giving legal advice to someone who has just lost a loved one, helping a son or daughter of a deceased who has found they have been left with debt, or calculating the inheritance tax that might be owed to the government by the estate.

It is varied work, and has you dealing with clients from the outset, initially under very close supervision, but with time, and your confidence growing, you are trusted more and more by the firm.

-      What is next for you at McClures?

In March I am due to move on to my next seat within the Inheritance Tax department. This will involve dealing with clients financial affairs with the aim of minimising their inheritance tax liabilities, and maximising what they are able to leave for their loved ones after they have passed away.

It will be good to have a different pre-emotive outlook on inheritance tax, rather than dealing with matters once it is too late to change anything, and it is a whole new set of challenges and skills that I am looking forward to.

There is also the opportunity to take seats in Conveyancing and Trusts within McClure’s, and I will find myself in at leat 1 of these before my traineeship finishes.

-      Does your work challenge you?

There is no doubt that starting your traineeship is a different kind of work than your time at university.

You have to be able to think on your feet, adapt to changing situations, and be sure that the advice you are giving is legally sound.

Confidence is the key to this. Not just confidence in your own ability, but confidence that there are others around you that can help, people you can ask questions of, and others in the same situation as you.

It is true that the best way to learn is to get out there and do it for yourself. If you need to ask questions, the. Just ask, you won’t be judged for checking facts with your supervisors.

One of the unusual features of McClure’s, and one which I never expected in my traineeship, was the fact that they are a nationwide firm, and that means being able to switch from Scots Law to the English system.

This was definitely a little nerve wracking, and definitely led to more than a few of the questions I referred to above being asked of my supervisors. This will be a real bonus that I wasn’t expecting when I finally qualify, and dual qualification is now something I am considering, that was never on my radar previously.

-      What is it like in the office?

It is the first time I have worked in that kind of office environment, and apart from taking me a while to learn everyone’s names, it is a really enjoyable place to work. Everyone is really friendly, and despite the serious nature of the work we are doing, there is still a chance for a laugh and a joke during the day.

I’m not going to say there isn’t stressful moments, but they are the exception as long a you keep on top of your workload.

What is also a plus is that your are in daily contact with the senior partners at the firm. There is no us and them mentality in the office which is nice.

- In conclusion, I am enjoying myself. I was nervous before I started, but a big part of that is the horror stories and myths that you are fed during your Uni days. I felt a part of the team really quickly, and I feel at home here at McClure’s. That has got to be a pretty big selling point.