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Lasting Power of Attorney

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More of us become unable to manage our affairs these days.

Without a Power of Attorney your family may need to go to Court. This can cause lots of hassle, delay and expense.

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Why do so many people use McClure?

  • We are Solicitors.

  • We are a multi award winning company founded in 1853.

  • We offer a special price of ONLY £249 which gives you the Financial & Property Powers of Attorney.

  • And that includes VAT and a FREE home visit.

  • We also donate £30 of our fee to charity.

  • And with a McClure Lasting Power of Attorney you keep control.


How can McClure offer Lasting Powers of Attorney at that price?

  • That's easy - We provide thousands of Lasting Powers of Attorney every year and the volume lets us keep our costs down.

  • And many clients who take a Lasting Power of Attorney also use another service.

  • So everyone benefits.

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Special Price Lasting Power of Attorney - Only £249

We are all used to making decisions for ourselves. But what happens if it becomes difficult or impossible for you to make your own choices through ill health or after an accident.


It’s a sad fact that one in three of us will suffer from dementia. Whatever your age it is important to take time now to grant Power of Attorney to someone you trust. Being prepared will give you and your family peace of mind.


Many people think that a family member will automatically be able to make decisions for them, whether a partner, spouse, a son or a daughter. But that’s not the case.


Unless you have a Power of Attorney your family does NOT have the right to make decisions on your behalf. If you are unfortunate enough to be one of the one in three who develop dementia and you don’t have a Power of Attorney it’s a huge problem. Your family members may then have to go to court to get the legal authority to act on your behalf which can be a nightmare.


So a Lasting Power of Attorney makes sense.


By getting a Power of Attorney you choose someone who would be given the right to make specific decisions on your behalf if you need help or if you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself.


With a McClure Power of Attorney it does not come into force until you say so. That way you keep control. You can change the Attorney if you want to.


And at present McClure will prepare your Lasting Power of Attorney at a special price of ONLY £249 including VAT. This special price gives you both the Financial & Property Powers of Attorney. And we will donate £30 of our fee to charity. 


How good is that?