McClure Solicitors partner with
Scottish Huntington's Association

Multi Award winning McClure Solicitors are delighted to be partnered with Scottish Huntington's Association. We see this as an opportunity to increase our support of Scottish Huntington's Association to raise valuable funds, and allow us to engage with the supporters of the charity to let them know that McClure's purpose is Making families feel secure.

McClure Solicitors has been providing well informed advice since 1853. Today we specialise in Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning, helping clients to protect their assets and pass them on efficiently to their family.

McClure offers a full range of services but our most popular service is a Free Will for Charity. All we ask "Just consider a donation to Scottish Huntington's Association".

This generates around 800 new clients per month - and 50% go on to use us for other services. This has allowed us to grow from a small provincial business to a national brand with offices throughout the UK.

Andrew Robertson, Managing Director of McClure Solicitors said:
“Everyone benefits. You get the Will or Will review you need while Scottish Huntington's Association gets much needed funds. And if you like the McClure service, you might use us for other work in the future. Over 190 charities now trust us to provide our Estate Planning services for their clients. If they can trust us, so can you.”

Gemma Powell, Fundraising Officer at the Scottish Huntington's Association also commented on the new partnership: “Scottish Huntington’s Association is eternally grateful to those who leave a gift in their will to families affected by Huntington’s Disease (HD).  They ensure we provide world-leading and life-changing services, including a network of HD clinical specialists, youth support and financial wellbeing advice to reduce household hardship. This support gives families the tools they need to cope and somewhere to turn when they can’t.  We are delighted to partner with McClure Solicitors to help us achieve this.” 

We are partnered with Scottish Huntington's Association and over 190 charities covering the whole of the UK.

Our total fundraising for charity in 2019 was over £63 million, and we aim to beat this total by the end of 2020!

For more information on the services we are providing in partnership with Scottish Huntington's Association watch the videos below!

Scottish Huntington's Association

Free Will for Charity

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Free Will Reviews

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Special Price Power of Attorney

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