Why should you Trust McClure to arrange your Will?

You usually only make your Will once, so let’s get it right. McClure Solicitors have arranged Wills for clients since 1853. Over 150 charities refer their clients to us. So the service is good.

Not only that, our Will service has been free since 1984. Just consider a donation for a Charity of your choice.

Free does not mean cheap. Around 750 clients every month book a McClure Free Will appointment. Why pay for an ordinary Will, when you can get an Estate Planning Will for free with McClure.

We cover England, Wales and Scotland. If you are elderly or infirm we can even arrange a home visit again at no cost.

So what is an Estate Planning Will?

An ordinary only considers who is to inherit your estate when you die and who is to be the executor. We do that but we go further. We also look at the effect of your inheritance on the potential beneficiaries. That often means that we need to build in a Trust provision either in your Will or in a separate Lifetime Trust. We then consider where will your estate go next. Again that often generates a need for a Will or a Lifetime Trust.

And our Estate Planning Wills are still free. Just consider making a donation to a charity of your choice.

Just contact us to find out more. Our advice is free and home visits are available.

As we say - no charge, no catch, no excuse.

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