Do I need a Power of Attorney?

No-one needs a Power of Attorney. Just like no-one needs a Will. However it is very sensible to have one. Everyone over 50 should have a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney gives someone else authority to look after your affairs and sign things for you etc if there ever comes a time when you are not able to do so.

Without a Power of Attorney you are stuck. Even your spouse can’t act for you without one. You then need to arrange a Deputyship (England and Wales) or a Guardianship (Scotland). Each of those is an expensive procedure and can take a long time.

So it makes sense to get a Power of Attorney in place while you are able to be on the safe side. It’s like insurance. You should have it but you might never need to use it. So at the age of 50 it is risky not to have one.

In England and Wales you need two Powers of Attorney, one for financial purposes and the other for welfare purposes. In Scotland these can be combined in the one Power of Attorney.

Here’s some good news. At present McClure will prepare your Power of Attorney at a special price of £199 instead of the usual £360. In England and Wales McClure even includes the Welfare Power of Attorney free of charge saving you even more money. McClure also donates £30 of their fee to charity.

Even better we let you decide whether to register it or not. So you only pay the disbursement if and when you need to operate the Power of Attorney.

You should have the two Powers of Attorney in England and Wales and therefore a couple needs four. Why pay to register four Powers of Attorney when you might only need to use one if indeed any at all.

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