How much is a Power of Attorney?

You should expect to pay about £360 for each Power of Attorney. In England and Wales you need two, one for financial purpose and one for welfare purposes. In Scotland both are usually combined in the one Power of Attorney so you only pay once.

At present McClure will prepare your Power of Attorney at a special price of £199 instead of the usual £360. In England and Wales McClure even includes the Welfare Power of Attorney free of charge saving you even more money. McClure also donates £30 of the fee to charity.

For couples you only pay £398 instead of what would normally be £1,440 in England and Wales or £720 in Scotland.

We provide thousands of Powers of Attorney for our clients each year. So you are in good hands.

Even better, we let you decide whether to register the Powers of Attorney or not, saving you even more money.

For example as a couple why pay to register 4 Powers of Attorney when you might only need to use one if indeed any.

This saves McClure clients even more money.

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