My Will is quite old. Is that OK?

It is sensible to get your Will checked by solicitors experienced in Will writing. There are 4 main reasons for this.

First. If your Will is quite old, your circumstances may have changed and it makes sense to get it updated while you are able.

Second. Your Will probably only covers Step 1 i.e. who is to inherit your estate when you die and who has to be the executor. McClure Wills are estate planning Wills and cover 3 stages. Stage 2 is “how will the inheritance affect your children or other beneficiaries”. What you thought was right when you made your Will often turns out to be wrong when the time comes.

Third, If your Will contains a Trust, especially if it is a Property Protective Trust or a Nil Rate Band Trust, then you will probably lose out on the new Residence Nil Rate Band Inheritance Tax Allowance which came in in April 2017.

Fourth. Research shows that 1 in 4 Wills are defective or of poor quality. We have seen Wills which look good on the face of them but turn out to be just plain wrong. Our advice? Don’t take the risk. Get McClure Solicitors to carry out a free safety check on your Will. If it’s OK, that’s good to know. If you need a new Will, use our Free Will Scheme.

McClure Solicitors were founded as far back as 1853 and have been providing free Wills for a donation for charity since 1984. McClure Solicitors now have 14 offices throughout England, Wales and Scotland and are partnered with over 150 charities who refer their clients to McClure. So you are in good hands.

Just contact us to find out more. Our advice is free and home visits are available.

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