Why do we do our Free Will Scheme?

Many of our clients, quite understandably, ask us why we offer our Free Will and Free Will Review services all year round?

The answer is that there are many benefits for us.

Firstly, this service brings around 300 new clients to us every month. That’s really important for any service business, particularly solicitors. Even more importantly, around 50% of clients who come to us for a Free Will or Free Will Review go on to use us for a paid-for service.

Secondly, it differentiates us from other solicitors. Nobody else does this.

Thirdly, it allows us to generate a huge amount of money for charity. To put this in perspective, in 2017 alone we raised over £30,000,000 for charities in the UK across the donations we received for the Free Will and Free Will Review services, the Gift Aid that the charities claim on these donations and the legacies that our clients left in their Wills. That’s obviously good for the charities but it’s also good for us as it gives us a huge PR boost!

Finally, raising so much money for charity allows us to develop formal partnerships with the charities we raise money for. This adds to our reputation and credibility and it also incentivises those charities to promote our service to their supporters and members. Which provides more clients to us….and takes us back to point 1 on why we do this!

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