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McClure Solicitors provide a wide range of advice on later life legal issues. 

Legal Advice from McClure Solicitors

Power of Attorney

Every adult, especially everyone over 50, should have a Power of Attorney.


In England and Wales, you need two Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), one for your assets (house and money) and one for your welfare.


In Scotland, one Power of Attorney (POA) covers both. It is like insurance for your house: you hope to never need it, but you will be glad that you took it out if the worst happens.

The good news is that McClure will prepare your Power of Attorney for £249 and will donate £30 of their fee to the Charity that introduced you to us. We include the Welfare Power free of charge. We also let you decide whether and when you want to register the Power of Attorney which can save you further money in disbursements.


Our Power of Attorney lets you keep control if you are able. You can also change your Power of Attorney or cancel it at any time. There are many good reasons for having a Power of Attorney and no good reason not to!

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Lasting Power of Attorney (England & Wales)

Power of Attorney (Scotland)

To take advantage of the special offer on Power of Attorney, or discuss a Will or Trust with us, call McClure Solicitors on 0800 852 1999 or email;

Wills with Discretion

Family Protection Trust

Wills with Discretion & Family Protection Trusts


Subject to your family circumstances we may advise you to consider a Trust – this is like a safety net as it protects your wishes which you have instructed in your Will.


We have two types of Trust – a Will with Discretion also known as a Testamentary Trust Plan (TTP) and the Family Protection Trust (FPT). The Will with Discretion comes into effect when you die;  the FPT is a Lifetime Discretionary Trust so is set up now and takes immediate effect.

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