Wills with Discretion

Why should you have your Will reviewed?

  • Everyone needs a Will.

  • That's common sense.

  • But a standard Will has no flexibility.

  • The Executors have to do what the Will says.

  • Even if that's the wrong outcome.

What can McClure's do for you?

  • We can include discretion.

  • And provide independent Executors.

  • It's sensible to include flexibility.

  • Just choose between discretion in the Will or Discretion in a Lifetime Deed.

Why should you use McClure?

  • Over 200 charities recommend us.

  • Multi Award Winning Solicitors.

  • Established in 1853.

  • 15 offices throughout Britain.

  • Our advice is free.

  • Every year thousands of our clients include discretionary trusts in their Wills

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If you are interested in our Wills With Discretion service, or reviewing your current Will, please read our important information related to how we are conducting our appointments during the COVID19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. 

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“We have had several solicitors when we were in business and we can honestly say that McClure were the best. They were honest and very professional, more important they were very considerate and sensitive to our needs and wishes giving us good advice."

A. Levy

April 2019

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