Winding Up Estates

Winding up the estate of a relative is usually a complex matter. It is time consuming and carries heavy responsibilities. These responsibilities can last for as long as 20 years after the death. It is no surprise that most people use a solicitor to carry this out.

So why use McClure?

  • We are Solicitors. Not every business which offers this service is a legal firm regulated by The Law Society.

  • We have Experience. After all we have been winding up clients’ estates since 1853.

  • We have Dedicated Team. Often the winding up of an estate is carried out by solicitors and paralegals who also do other work. It is easy for estate administration to be seen as important but not urgent. McClure have a dedicated team who concentrate on your business whether it is Probate (for England) or Executry (for Scotland).

  • We Communicate. One problem is that while we are busy carrying out your work, you do not know what is happening. We aim to communicate with you at every step of the process.

  • Speed. We often hear people complaining that the administration of the estate took far too long. At McClure our question is not “How long do I have to do this?” but rather “How quickly can I get this done?” Our aim is to have 80% of our estate administrations completed within 6 months.

  • Cost. We often hear people complain that the estate administration costs too much. McClure have invested in a case management system and that coupled with the high volume of work which we process helps to keep costs down. Additionally our costs are usually independently assessed by a third party.