that you can get your Will made free of charge? No cost, no catch, no excuse.

McClure Solicitors have been providing Wills free of charge for over 30 years.  All that we ask is that you consider making a voluntary donation for a charity of your choice.  We provide about 600 Wills each month.  We are presently partnered with over 150 charities who refer their supporters to us. 


We raised over £30 Million for charity last year.   And all of our Wills are free.  Whether simple or complex.  Whether short or long.  We have no age restriction.


How can we do it?  That’s easy.  Around half of our Free Will clients use us for other services.  The other half just take the Free Will.


So why put it off?  You will better for having done it.  There’s no cost, no catch and no excuse.  Even our home visits are free.


Just contact us on 0800 852 1999 or email to arrange a chat with one of our Estate Planning Consultants.